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Drie generaties

person-and familyrights

Questions like: "what are the legal rights and duties of parents"; "How do I become a child’s guardian"; "What’s the difference between biological and legal parenthood"; "Can I change my surname"; "How do I place someone under guardianship" and other questions about inheritance are questions and legal procedures we are more than happy to help you with.


Labor law

We are specialized in advising and assisting clients on employment related matters. We focus on the prevention of disputes and proceedings. However, in case proceedings are inevitable, we make sure to do all that is necessary to achieve the results needed for our clients. We also formalize and revise employment contracts and personnel manuals.

Rechtszaal Stoelen

Criminal law

We advise in criminal cases and assist during criminal law suites. In relationship to this we provide public defense as well as a paid representation.

Rocky Island

Immigration law

We provide information and assistance to immigrants who need help with national statutes, regulations and legal proceedings governing immigration in Curacao. Also in matters  such as naturalization and citizenship.

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