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Toevoeging raadsvrouw

Current legal services are not accessible to everyone. In the sense that everyone should have access to the law. Persons with a low tax income are eligible for subsidized legal aid at the SOAW. But for people who are just above the wage limit, there is no possibility of subsidized assistance. These people usually do not seek legal aid, because they simply cannot afford it. In order to also give this group the opportunity to call in legal assistance when they need it most, Empire Legal Assistance offers the possibility to call in legal assistance at a lower rate and with the option of paying this amount in installments. Pay.

Addition by the government

For people who do qualify for subsidized legal aid from the government (the so-called KRB support), there is also the possibility to call in our legal aid.

Gross annual salary:                                        Contribution:*

  • 0 – 12.000                                                 fl. 0,-

  • 12.000 – 15.000                                        fl. 50,-

  • 15.000 – 17.500                                        fl. 125,-

  • 17.500 – 20.000                                        fl. 225,-

  • 20.000 – 22.500                                        fl. 350,-

(* only in case of a labor dispute)


In civil and criminal cases, only those who are impotent or less able, whose salary is equal to or less than the statutory minimum wage.

Addition by ELA

The costs of our own addition apply to legal proceedings. The extrajudicial; registry; seal-; bailiff and extract costs will be charged separately. In addition, it is also possible to pay the personal contribution of the legal proceedings in installments. All this will be discussed with you during an intake interview.

In this way you can engage professional legal assistance at minimal costs and still achieve your rights.

Gross annual salary:                                        Contribution:

  • 19.200 – 21.700                                        fl. 750,-              (max 2 termijnen)

  • 21.700 – 24.200                                        fl. 1.000,-

  • 24.200 – 26.700                                        fl. 1.250,-           (max 3 termijnen)

  • 26.700 – 29.200                                        fl. 1.500,-       

  • 29.200 – 31.700                                        fl. 1.750,-

  • 31.700 – 34.200                                        fl. 2.000,-           (max 4 termijnen)

  • 34.200 – 36.700                                        fl. 2.250,-                 

Other Additions

If your tax income is higher than indicated above, you can also contact us. If desired, we can prepare a quotation so that you know exactly where you stand. The quotation contains our activities and the price (s) associated with it. If you agree with the quotation, we can also make a payment arrangement with you so that you can pay the amount in installments.

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